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Advanced Automotive Training offers professional quality technical training in Northern California for the automotive technician. We provide a range of courses to facilitate employment in this virtually recession-proof industry. What makes Advanced Automotive Training stand out from other schools isn’t just the state of the art cutting edge equipment such as wireless lap top based diagnostics or hand held touch screen engine analyzers, but the BAR Certified Instructors (see instructor Bio’s). A school can have all of the equipment in the world, but if they can not impart the knowledge of how to use it, and what it can do to assist you in a manner that is easily understood, the instructor is wasting your time and money.

Advanced Automotive Training’s main objective is to provide the best possible training to individuals that are enthusiastic about obtaining the proper instruction in the Driveability and California Smog Certification fields with a strong emphasis placed with hands on troubleshooting. Advanced Automotive Training instruction also enhances a students critical thinking skills, a trait that is often over looked, but very much required in today’s industry. With our instructors holding advanced degrees in computer science, business, vocational education, automotive and aviation fields, we feel strongly that the instructors are not just technicians that decided to teach, but are professional teachers trained in the field of teaching. At Advanced Automotive Training we have a saying that simply says; the mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. That’s what Advanced Automotive Training is all about not just teaching but inspiring a student to take his career to the next level. When you finish training with us, you will not only be ready for the State Smog Test or ASE exams, but you will be confident in your approach to diagnostics and repair, and this translates in to more money for you.

You may register online, contact us at 916-804-2980 or fax your registration form to 916-987-0673

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